Thursday, April 27, 2017

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Surau And Silek (The Mosque And Silat) is a family-run film of Minangkabau society released in 2017, produced by Mahakarya Pictures, and produced by Dendy Reynando and Emil Bias. Directed by Arief Malinmudo.

Looking back to dozens of years ago, Minangkabau figures quite dominate the development of the times. Call it Muhammad Hatta, Agus Salim, Tan Malaka, Hamka, Soetan Sjahrir, M Natsir, Mohammad Yamin, Usmar Ismail, Chairil Anwar and many other figures incised a history that is not small for Indonesia.

The figures are big in the educated Minangkabau culture who believe education in SURAU is the best for
their son especially who has akhil baliq. From the surau they learn to study, discuss about everything and learn silek (silat). Surau is where their mindset is formed.

Unfortunately, the culture began to erode by time. Many people think surau culture is no longer relevant to a more modern life. If a positive culture fades, who should be blamed.

The movie 'SURAU & SILEK' tries to remind them of the abandoned culture from the point of view of an 11-year-old elementary school boy and a 62-year-old retired lecturer. This age difference makes the cultural contradictions more interesting.

Surau Dan Silek
Director: Arief Malinmudo, Producer: Dendi Reynando (executive producer), Emil Bias, Gilang Dirga
Author:  Arief Malinmudo
Cast: Dewi Irawan, Gilang Dirga, Komo Ricky, Praz Teguh, Yusril Katil, Dato 'A Tamimi, Bintang Khairafi, Muhammad Razi, Bima Jousant, Randu Arini, F Barry Cheln.
Music Seventeen, Anderson, Anderta Depama, Elizar Koto
Company production: Mahakarya Pictures
Release date: April 27, 2017
Coutry: Indonesian
Language: Minangkabau, Indonesia

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